• Saturday, October 14, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Cochrane Ag Indoor Arena


  • The Novice division is for beginner riders that are new to equestrian competition and/or sport of Extreme Cowboy racing.
  • For any rider 17 years and under.
  • This class is for riders who do not earn money for the training of riders or horses.
  • This class is for riders who earn money for the training of horses or riders. Riders from other classes can "ride up" into this class.

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********YOU MUST QUALIFY TO ATTEND THIS EVENT********* - Only those who have received a confirmation email from ECA are permitted to register. 
***Please note that EXCA points are NOT available for this race***  

Divisions are as follows, and will be run in the following order on race day:

Young Guns - Any rider between the ages of 7-11 is eligible to compete in the Young Guns Division. Young Guns riders are allowed to ride “up” into the Youth Division with parental permission;
Novice - 18 and Older - The Novice Division is designed for beginner riders that are new to the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing. The purpose of the Novice Division is to provide competition that is fair to all beginner riders;

Green Horse-open to horses of any age, and may be ridden by any competitor age 12 or older. A Green Horse may not be ridden in any other division.
    Youth - Minimum age 12, maximum age 17;

Intermediate - An individual who is ready to move out of Novice division, but is not yet ready to compete in Non-Pro. An individual in this division has had some competition experience in other equestrian sports;

Non-Pro - An individual that has experience as a rider but does not receive any form of compensation for riding or training horses, ponies, or mules;

Ride Smart - Designed for non-professional riders age 55 and over;

Pro - An individual is considered a professional rider if he/she is age 18 or over and receives substantial compensation or works full time riding or training horses, ponies, or mules.
Riders can ONLY enter Divisions that they have qualified for.
Prices per ride, based on division, are as follows:
  • Young Guns/Youth - $40 
  • Green,Novice/Intermediate/Ride Smart/Non-Pro/Pro - $60

    Please complete a separate registration form for each horse, and each division in which you will ride.




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