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Extreme Cowboy Racing began as a way to enhance the relationship between horse and rider with emphasis on good horsemanship.  Adding obstacles became a way to focus energies and challenge riders' skills with their equine partners.  Obstacles are rated according to their level of difficulty, from 1R (least difficult) to 6R (most difficult).  Good horsemanship is recognized and rewarded; as well, awarding bonus time points adds an element of excitement to the race.  

For complete rules, please refer to the EXCA Rulebook: Extreme Cowboy Association 

Competition Divisions

YOUNG GUNS: Any rider between the ages of 7 - 11 is eligible to compete in the Young Guns Division.  Young Guns riders are allowed to ride “up” into Youth division (Beginner Youth) with parental permission. The same Young Gun may ride a maximum of two horses. The course for Young Guns shall contain 8 obstacles plus overall horsemanship and time points. Obstacles shall be rated 1 & 2.

YOUTH: Minimum age of 12- maximum age of 17. A Youth may ride a maximum of 3 horses. The Youth course shall contain 13 obstacles plus overall horsemanship and time points.  Obstacles shall be rated 1 – 4.

BEGINNER YOUTH: This class if for youth members for their first year of competition. Course shall be the same as Novice. Beginner Youth may ride "up" into Youth. This is an entry level class for youth competitors to learn the sport and develop confidence. Riders may only ride in this class for one year, unless approved with Board of Directors.

NOVICE: 18 years & Over.  The Novice Division is designed for base level riders who have developed only the basic riding skills, such as loping, backing and side passing, etc. and have had little or no success competing in other equestrian events. The Novice Division is considered an entry level division that will allow the rider to develop confidence and additional horsemanship skills to allow the rider to move into the Intermediate Division. The purpose of the Novice Division is to provide a division that is fair to all base level riders.  Novice riders are allowed to ride "up"

INTERMEDIATE: An Intermediate rider is an individual who is ready to move out of the Novice division but is not yet ready to compete in the Non-Pro division and does not receive compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules. An Intermediate rider has increased horsemanship skills such as increased speed and confidence in their basic skills and are prepared for the challenges of this higher level.  A rider in this division has had some competition experience in equestrian sports and/or Extreme Cowboy Racing. Intermediate riders may ride up into higher Divisions of competition.

NON-PRO:  A Non-Pro rider is an individual that has experience as a rider but does not receive compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules.  This definition applies to all riders age 18 and over, except a Youth rider with parental permission.

PRO: An individual is considered a professional rider if he/she is age 18 or over and receives compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules.

RIDE SMART: The Ride Smart Division is designed for non-professional riders age 55 and over.

GREEN HORSE: A Division to develop aged horses new to extreme cowboy racing, & Futurity Horses.  The Green Horse division is for horses of any age.  Green horses may be ridden by any competitor age 12 or older.  The Green Horse division shall have 10 obstacles plus overall horsemanship and time points.   Obstacles shall be  rated 1-3.The Green Horse CANNOT be ridden in any other Divisions.


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