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March 17 Playday

March 18 Race

April 21 Playday

April 22 race

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May 6 Race

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July 21 Race-Outdoors

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Sept 29 FINALS   

January 9, 2017


Update from Chairman


Happy New Year and welcome to the Extreme Cowboy Alberta 2017 Season.


On November 30, 2016 we attempted to have our Annual General Meeting but unfortunately did not have enough members in good standing present, to constitute a quorum, so we were not able to carry out all of the AGM items of business.


Important items that need to be done at the AGM are the setting of the annual fees and the election of Directors whose term is up.


We did continue with updates and reports from the Directors, answered questions from the audience and reviewed results from the membership survey.  Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete this survey.


Changes for the 2017 season that the Board of Directors have been working on include trying to tier play days and clinics, grouping riders of similar skill level into the time slots available. Another change is elevating the Green Horse Division to be treated the same as all other Divisions with race day payouts and year-end awards. Lastly is the addition of another year-end award for the horse/rider team that has accumulated the most points in the 2017 season. This award is intended to encourage members to attend as many races as they can over the year.


As there is work to do getting the 2017 season organized and underway, while being unable to hold elections at the AGM for four positions that the term is over, the BOD has done the following for the interim:

Secretary – Michelle Grasley remains in position

Seminar Director – was vacant, appointed Kaitlin Paul to position

Sponsorship Director – Sherril Siebert, resigned, position is vacant, Chairman and Vice Chairman are looking after

Show Director - Britt Cooke, resigned, position is vacant, Judge Director is looking after


Again I would like to thank Sherril and Britt for their exceptional service to our club serving on the Board of Directors. I would also welcome Kaitlin to the Board and look forward to working with her, recognizing that this position is up for election when we have the AGM.


We will try to schedule another AGM for early February.


For 2017 we will be making a few new obstacles, improving the outdoor course (we can really do some good stuff here now that the Cochrane Ag is not moving) and completing some maintenance and repairs on existing equipment.


As always we thank our Sponsors and Volunteers, without either the club would not grow the way it has or have the ability to host the excellent clinics and races that we have been able to put on.


We are very excited to announce that the Extreme Cowboy Association has  awarded the Regional finals for Western Canada to Extreme Cowboy Alberta again this year.


In closing ride hard, work on good horsemanship and good sportsmanship and we will see you soon.


Rick Wickland

Chairman, Extreme Cowboy Alberta













Congratulations to the following members who qualify for the EXCA WORLD FINALS in Hamilton Texas;

Young Gun-Austin Northcott

Novice-Devon Cremers ,Shannen Jorgensen

Youth- Heather Burchnall, Ariana Gray, Jordan Lush

Intermediate- Michelle Grasley, Rick Wickland, Cody Heintz, Joanne Peters, Gina Howard, Steph Larsen,

Non Pro-Michelle Grasley, Cody Heintz, Joanne Peters, Heather Burchnall,Rock Heintz, Doris Heintz

Ride Smart- Rick Wickland, Rock Heintz, Doris Heintz, Deb O'Brien

Pro- Rock Heintz


Please click the link to view photos of the 2015 Finals.



Congratulations to the 2015 Champions and Reserve Champion Buckle winners!

Young Guns- Teagan Brink and Brady Hambrook

Novice- Bradley Heintz and Alanna Cremers

Youth- Megan Donald and Heather Burchnall

Intermediate- Cody Heintz and Bradley Heintz

Non Pro- Teala Caton and Kaitlin Paul

Ride Smart- Shannon Luyendyk and Doris Heintz

Pro- Teala Caton and Sandra Roen 

High Point Young Guns- Teagan Brink

High Point Novice-Michelle Grasley

High Point Youth- Heather Burchnall

High Point Intermediate- Bradley Heintz

High Point-Non Pro- Teala Caton

High Point Ride Smart- Shannon Luyendyk

High Point Pro- David Cowley

Most Improved Rider- Ariana Gray




Check out this great video made by one of our Youth competitors Heather Burchnall!




To ALL the competitors who travelled to Hamilton Texas for the EXCA World Finals! Sara Ebl, Kaitlin Paul, Michelle Grasley, Chris Murray, Doris Heintz, Tammy Botsford, David Cowley, Kateri Cowley and Teala Caton! You ALL made the ECA proud!!










The 2014 Extreme Cowboy Finals Winners are:

Young Guns Champion Sara Ebl riding Quest

Young Guns Reserve Teagan Brink riding Earl

Youth Champion Kaitlin Paul riding Junior

Youth Reserve Heather Burchnall riding Andy

Novice Champion Alanna Cremers riding Sparkles

Novice Reserve Deanna Burchnall riding Rustler

Intermediate Champion Chris Murray riding Noah

Intermediate Reserve Michelle Grasley riding Doc

Non Pro Champion Teala Caton riding Marshmellow

Non Pro Reserve Tammy Botsford riding Jake

Ride Smart Champion Maureen Cremers riding Annie

Ride Smart Reserve Chris Murray riding Noah

Pro Champion Teala Caton riding Marshmellow

Pro Reserve David Cowley riding Tucker 


A Poem by Chris Murray written for the Finals Twas the night before Finals.pdf

The year end Hi point Buckle winners are

Young Guns- Sara Ebl

Youth-Kaitlin Paul

Novice-Alanna Cremers

Intermediate-Chris Murray

NonPro-Teala Caton

Ride Smart-Maureen Cremers

Pro-Teala Caton

Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Association and Extreme Cowboy Alberta  are pleased to announce that the EXCA Western Canada Regional Championships will be held at the Cochrane Ag Society on Aug.23/ 24, 2014. Judges for the Championships will be Peter Fraser,  High River Alberta.  The only Level 5 EXCA judge in Canada and Patty Lee, a level 1 judge from Cochrane Alberta. Extreme Cowboy Alberta  is proud to  have the opportunity to host the EXCA Western Canada Regional Championship. We have been working with Jim Anderson the winner of the 2014 Road to the horse and two time winner of the Calgary Stampede plus 2012 winner of the EXCA World Finals and 2013 EXCA Futurity Division.  Expect to see some of the best horse and rider teams in Western Canada at this event”.

Extreme Cowboy Racing combines horsemanship with speed. The event is judged, as well as timed. Horse and rider teams must execute a series of obstacles that represent trail or ranch work. Obstacles may include water crossing, shooting, roping, negotiating trash or dead fall, ground tying, jumping, dragging and always includes the signature free ride. Horses must be able to run wide open and then rein back to perform slow, technical maneuvers or obstacles. Horses can be of any breed, age, size and sex. The cowboys and cowgirls range in age from 8 to 80!

 Pro, Non-Pro, Ride Smart (55 & Over), Intermediate,Novice, Youth, Young Guns (11 & Under) and Green Horse. Each division will run once on Saturday and then again on Sunday. The course will be different each day and riders do not know what the obstacles will be until the morning of the race. Sunday's race will be a triple point event to earn those coveted points toward qualifying for the World Finals in Hamilton, Texas.

Come see why Extreme Cowboy Racing is the fastest growing equine sport. It is almost as exciting for the spectators as it is for competitors. For more information, volunteer opportunities, entry forms, or sponsorship contact Extreme Cowboy Alberta






Congratulations to Kateri Cowley on her win of the 2014 Cowboy Up Race hosted by






April 2014:  ECA wishes to thank our very generous sponsors for the Winter Race Series.  They include Hallmark Gold Crown (Joan Allwarden), Lynn Donaldson and Associates (Lynn Donaldson), Walsh LLP (Joanne Crook), and Silverado Horse Centre (Mike Ross).  Beautiful buckles were awarded to the winners in each division of our race series.  Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to our sponsors!

Kateri Cowley wins the Pro division - Sponsored by Mike Ross of Silverado Horse Center

Teala Caton wins the Non Pro Division, sponsored by Joanne Crook of Walsh LLP

Heather Burchnall wins the Youth division - Sponsored by Lynn Donaldson (Lynn Donaldson and Associates)

Gina Howard wins the Novice Division - Sponsored by Joani Allwarden of Hallmark Gold Crown
January 30, 2014.  Your Board of Directors has implemented a new membership level for non-riding members, and no AEF is required.  They will go on sale soon for $20.  Associate Members will receive all the notifications and information of our regular members, as well as reduced member rates for auditing certain clinicians that we have.  
Have fun and ride hard!
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